Play College Football was released to the public in October 2008. The first words from those who have had a chance to put it into use speak for themselves.


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Tom, I wanted to let you know that my son Cooper recieved a scholarship to the University of North Texas to play QB. I want to thank you for your e-book, it was the greatest help I had in getting my son recruited.

Mike Jones - Lone Oak Texas

"We have followed the steps of the book exclusively and had great results. We contacted the colleges that he is interested in, using the charts that you provided. We used your advice to find schools that need his position and for us to be honest about his skill level. We have kept our choices to only Division 1 AA schools. All have responded and 12 coaches have visited him at his HS. Everyday more coaches are calling. You were right. They all talk to each other.

Thanks for all your help. Being informed has made what could be an intimidating process 100% enjoyable. The book is literally a one stop shop for families who are serious about seeing their son play football after high school."

Daryl D. - Hamden, CT

"The book is a fantastic tool

Thank you so much for putting together a great tool to learn how it all works for people like me who know nothing about it all… It is a great ‘step-by-step’ on how it all works, great links to school coaches and rosters…. My husband travels a lot so it left me trying to push through this not being an expert about the game and the rules and how it all works. Your book has become my reference to keep looking back to."

Carol F. - Yorktown Heights, NY

"Tom, I just wanted to tell you how much help your book has been. I bought your book at Rivals Combine in Coppell, TX. I did not know what being organized was like until you showed me. I just wanted to let you know my son has been invited to the spring game at Tulsa this weekend. He would have never had the opportunity if your book hadn't told us how to make contact with the coaches."

Thank you,
Mike J. - Lone Oak Texas

"Our son's college search is going well. As a junior he is starting to get some letters and is primarily concentrating on Division I AA schools. The labels have been very helpful as we use them as a list of prospective schools and then use the double click option to go to the websites. This has also been helpful in getting information on camps."

Francesca S. - Flower Mound, TX

"I wanted you to know that today my son accepted an offer to play college football at RPI! Your book was immensely helpful in establishing interest, especially since we had such a late start for this fall. The program enabled us to quickly identify and contact the colleges that best fit my son's plan.

Printing out the schools and setting up the files was invaluable in organizing the search…Being able to click on any college and go immediately to their website saved a lot of time.

The Profile Sheet was GREAT - it impressed all who read it and, as you mentioned, it enabled him to by-pass the on-line questionnaires.

Your chapter explaining how to contact by phone was key... even if there was just a voice mail, it established a base of contact …

your program is an invaluable tool for any High School or JC athlete searching for a scholarship. If we found it so valuable on short notice I can only imagine what a Jr. in High School could do with it."

Henry F. – Newtown, PA

"I have coached at a nationally ranked Division 1A school as well as Texas 5A High Schools. This is an absolute Must-Have book for the family of any high school player who is even considering playing in college."

Brent D. – The Colony, TX

"Your book is AWESOME! I have been using it and my only regret is that I did not have it a year ago."

Jeff P. - The Colony, TX

"I have had two sons start at Division 1 football programs. We went through the all time-consuming process of recruiting. After seeing this amazing eBook, I only wish we had it for both of them. It would have saved us many days of work."

Tim M. - Lewisville, TX

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