College Football Recruitment:
How to Get Recruited to Play College Football

Your son has spent hours, weeks, months and years doing what he loves… playing high school football. He has trained to be his best. Now he has a new goal...

He wants to get recruited to Play College Football. Whether he is a 5-Star Recruit or a starter full of talent just waiting to be discovered, the whole college football recruitment process can be confusing and extremely time-consuming, leaving you both feeling overwhelmed.

Here’s the Good News... “Play College Football” has everything you need to make the college football recruitment process easier and greatly improve your odds of finding the right school.

All for less than the price of one football...

A Proven System for Learning How to Get Recruited for College Football

My son received a full scholarship with a nationally ranked D1 FBS team to play football. In high school, he had to wait his turn behind a future D1 player, but we knew one thing - he had talent. So our family got together and helped in his quest to find a college where he could play football because it was a LOT of work. Since then, so many people have asked how we went about doing this that I knew I had to write this book... inside this book is a system that really works.

Why Choose This College Football Recruitment System Over Others?

Recruiting Services can cost thousands $$$ and they may or may not get you in front of anyone. Keep control of your options with this system.

Other Recruiting Books cost hundreds $$ but cover every sport... all you need is football.
You don’t have the time to comb through hundreds of pages of information, much of which does not pertain to football. They may show you how to make a list of schools you may like...

But this system does so much more! We actually show you how to identify and contact the schools that may really need you - IT’S ALL A SINGLE CLICK AWAY... a Fraction of the Cost!

A Huge Time-Saver with a Focused Plan

The prospect of individually contacting hundreds of colleges seems overwhelming...
The single biggest obstacle is obvioustime. We quickly realized there was just not enough time to get it all done. Leading up to my son’s senior year I had heard numerous horror stories from parents who actually sent out hundreds of letters to colleges in an effort to find their son a place to play football after high school. That just seemed like such a waste of time but I didn’t know what else to do. At that point, I realized that if I didn’t quickly devise a specific plan, this could well be an unpleasant experience with a poor end result.

This book is that plan…

It took months to do this research.
Now you won’t have to.

It took weeks creating links to every NCAA Division 1 and Division 2 college
Now you won’t have to.

It took days developing essential forms, charts and a labeling system to communicate with each school, as well as track progress and correspondence.
Again, you won’t have to!

By the time you have finished reading this book and filling out the simple-to-use forms, you will have at your disposal an extremely efficient method to make the most out of your time in what has become for so many players and parents a stressful, frustrating and discouraging task.

People have asked me how many hours we spent on my son's college search. I can honestly say, “hundreds...” The majority of that time was spent assembling and organizing this information for my son. You should be able to read this 52-page book (not including charts, forms, labels, etc.) in an afternoon. Within a few hours, you'll be where I was after a few months of hard work.

What You Will Get

It’s Worth the Price for The College Assessment Chart Alone

Imagine if there were a way that you could actually compare different college football programs, based on their rosters and your son's position, ultimately that helped you determinine which schools would be the best fit. Imagine if you could do it FAST. Now you can!

With our EXCLUSIVE College Assessment Chart, we have linked every NCAA Division 1, Division 2, NAIA and NJCAA school. This information, which you will enter into the easy-to-fill-in chart, will give you a HUGE heads-up on which colleges are really in need of players at your position. If you use nothing else - this one chart alone will save you many needless hours of research and ensure you get in front of the right schools.

Get to the RIGHT Coach

Other college football recruitment systems offer you a link to the head coach’s phone number. I have some bad news for you... he is probably not going to talk to you! He’s just too busy. But your position coach will. That’s why we have also included Coach-Link, a single mouse click that takes you to the very best web-page for obtaining each position coach’s email and phone number at every NCAA D1, D2, NAIA and NJCAA college. This info is often hard to find... hidden in the school’s website, but we got ‘em. After you find the right coach - we’ll tell you how to communicate with them and what to say.

This book retails for $59.95, but act now on our Special Introductory Offer - we will give it to you for just $39.95! But hurry, because this offer will not last long.

Introductory Internet Offer Price - $39.95. Save $20.00!

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So What is an eBook?

An eBook is an electronically downloadable book that goes right into your computer which means that you can start using it immediately.  No "shipping and handling" costs.  No waiting.  Furthermore it has Point-and-Click access to every resource you will need in your search for the right school.

This may be the best investment you can make right now to get you in front of college football coaches. You may have seen other College Football Recruitment resources sell for well over $100. But, they feature every sport imaginable. “Play College Football” eBook is only about the college football recruitment process and connects you to colleges, rosters, camps, combines, rules sites, contacts and so much more to help you find the right fit.

What you WON'T get

This book is Laser-Focused on Your Sport Only - FOOTBALL

If your son is trying to find a place to play college football, you don’t have time
to sort through anything else. THIS BOOK IS ALL YOU WILL NEED - PERIOD!

Guaranteed To Save Time and Streamline Your Search

I am so confident that this book is all you will need - that it will completely streamline your entire college football recruitment process - that I will make this guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied with the contents within thirty days, I will gladly refund your money. You have nothing to lose.

Get Started Today!

Half the battle of getting recruited to play college football is being seen at the right time, by the right coach, at the right college. Time is so very important. For only $39.95, you not only save $20 by taking advantage of this great Internet Introductory price, but you save countless hours with a system that could connect you to your destiny right away. Order now...

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If you are still unsure or have questions, simply email me at and I’ll do my best to get back to you the same day. Make sure and include a phone number as well.

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